Create your own photo effects and share them with Photo Lab community

Make your own unique photo effects from scratch! Create frames, filters, photorealistic montages or whatever you have in your mind, with our ready-to-use tool. Then combine them with existing photo effects and share results with friends and Photo Lab community.

What you need to know about Photo Lab and its templates

Photo Lab is a mobile application for iOS and Android with a unique collection of instant photo effects that we call templates. It’s a good idea to have one general term for all types of effects. Filters, art style transfers, face montages, and more - we call them all templates.

Templates in their turn are created with an easy-to-use tool that allows pretty much anyone (with even basic Photoshop skills) to be a photo effect designer.

Check some effects to see them in action:

Web Version iOS App Android App

How you actually create a template


Create and upload your template

Use Template Creator (specialized Windows-based software adapted to work with Photoshop) to create your template and upload it to your Designer’s Dashboard.


Keep calm and wait until your template is approved

We take quality seriously, so each template is verified to fit our standards. While your effect is in moderation, only you can see and use it.


Create a combo and share it with Photo Lab users

Once your template is approved, combine it with other effects using the Photo Lab mobile app. Then share combos containing your effects, so anyone could use them!

Get started in two easy steps

You don't have to be a professional designer to start creating templates. All you need is basic Photoshop knowledge, passion for graphic design and our specialized Template Creator. Check out our tutorials to see how easy it is to design a template.


Install the required software on your computer

Photoshop CC 2015.5 or newer

Template Creator from Photo Lab


Learn the basics on templates creation

Watch video lessons

Read the tutorials

Please make sure to use the same Facebook account when logging in to Designer’s Dashboard and Photo Lab mobile app. This will keep your templates safe and synchronized under one account. You'll also be able to create combos with your templates and share them with friends.

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